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We use aluminum for most of our products. Aluminum gives heavy-duty strength in a lightweight material that resists corrosion. Powder coating adds even greater durability and beauty to your shutters. Aluminum Motorized Shutters can be operated in ways that include manual, electric and remote-controlled operation. When the windows are opened, the view will not be obstructed. When closed, it will bring you safety, comfort and economization on energy to your home and business. These shutters do more than provide protection against hurricanes, tropical storms and the elements… They truly are beautiful!!! Our Shutters retain their original high quality for years to come.

Now you can add protection, privacy and insulation to your home at the touch of a button. Sant Krupa Motorized Shutters provide an instant “safety shield” to the exterior windows and doors of your home when you desire and conveniently roll up and out of sight at the simple push of a button. Sant Krupa Motorized Shutters are a highly functional product, protecting your home or office against burglary, vandalism and storms, as well as providing added insulation to your windows and doors plus instant privacy when you want it. Sant Krupa Motorized Shutters provide a two-way thermal barrier for your windows and doors to shield out the heat and cold. They reduce heat gain and air conditioning costs in the summer and keep out the cold to reduce heating costs in the winter. You can save even more, because Motorized Shutters help protect your carpet and furniture from sun fading — indoors or out, on a balcony or lanai. So you can decorate as you desire and everything will remain bright and beautiful year after year. A unique feature of rolling shutters is the vented position. While in this position, your Motorized Shutters provide built-in ventilation; you can control sunlight and air circulation throughout your house while maintaining total privacy. You can see out, but no one else can see in.

The installation of Motorized Shutters offers additional comfort in any home or office. They can alter the shading of your room and offer complete privacy whenever you desire. Another great benefit is that during the colder months, they act as an insulation barrier and therefore, significantly reduce heating costs. In summer, they’ll keep your home cooler, by reducing glare and heat from the sun. It’s also comforting to know that they add security and will act as a deterrent against unwanted intrusion.

From a complex system controlling all the Motorized Shutters in your entire home, down to a single motor operating a shutter for a single window or door. There’s no labor intensive work trying to pull down the shutters. Just press a button or turn a key and enjoy effortless control time after time. When not in use, your roller shutters can automatically be stored away discreetly, quickly and smoothly. Additionally, more sophisticated control systems are available, which can be pre-programmed to open and close your shutters at specific times, making your home as secure as possible. We are not just a manufacturer of rolling shutters. We’re a full service company.

We also provide significant money savings by reducing energy costs in your home or business. Our shutters give you a “dead air space” (the space between the window and the shutter), which is the most important aspect of insulation effectiveness. While the sun can produce temperatures in excess of 165º through windows and glass doors, Sant Krupa Motorized Shutters eliminates 99% of the sun’s rays from ever reaching inside. Stopping the heat can save up to 60% on the cost of cooling the interior space. Conversely, 47% of heat loss during the winter occurs through these same openings. We provide an excellent barrier against this heat loss, utilizing the same “dead air space” and foam filled aluminum slats. In addition to these energy saving benefits, Sant Krupa Steel Motorized Shutters affordable pricing adds to the overall value and aesthetics of your home, making your purchase both an immediate and long-term investment. We can also get hurricane rated shutters for special applications and dealers in the hurricane regions.

Sant Krupa Steel Motorized Shutters improve your home’s security. In fact, Motorized Shutters are recognized by law enforcement agencies as a major deterrent to crime. For added convenience, choose a key switch entry or integrate Sant Krupa Motorized Shutters with your home automation system. Roll your shutters down so prying eyes can’t see in. Put them in the “vented” position and enjoy gentle light filtering into the room without all the heat. Shutters also help reduce disturbing noises from outside. With Motorized Shutters you are in control of your environment.