Corrugated Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

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We are specialized in manufacture and design rolling form machine and automatic production lines. The machines are mainly used in the following areas:

  • In building trade : to product C&Z shape purlin, loading bearing plate, wall or roof steel plate, high-grade colorful decorating and protecting steel plates;
  • In environment line: to make anode plate and cathode plate for dust catcher;
  • In transport line: to make freeway guardrail plate, vehicle board;
  • In logistics line: to product goods shelf pillar, holding beam, joist;
  • In Electrical equipment line: to make cable bridge, box pillar and others thin wall rolling form materials. Such as goods shelf board, kinds of box panels etc.
  • We also can supply other machine lines such as coiled, uncoiled, check level, end long cutting, across cutting, buttress.

Our machines characteristics are high efficiency, high flexibility and low production cost. All of our machines have competitive price and quality.

We will try our best to make and supply you the suitable machine for you accordance with your requirements. We can services for you from the begging to the end. Believe you will be satisfied with our best quality equipment and good sevice.