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Ventilation is becoming a point of major concern for most Industrial workplace and factories due to the fumes, Gases, vapors and heat generated by the machinery in the Production process. A new concept of wind operated Air Ventilator as a low cost alternative against the conventional Electrically operated ventilators, is the best Choice for industries and residence.

The AIR VENTILATOR is a revolutionary conceptual product which exhausts the hot gases from an enclosed area without using any electric power. Yes absolute zero power consumption.

It has no operating cost and gives excellent ventilation performance making the work areas like Boiler / furnace / Oven sheds, Curing and drying areas, Casting and molding sheds, workshops, Process area utility sheds, DG sheds, compressor houses, power house and packing area, go-downs, etc more cooler and comfortable to work in.

The Air Ventilators are most cost effective substitute to the exhaust fans which continuously gulp the electric power and also have maintenance problems.