Structureless Roofing system and Solutions insulated sheets offer architects and designers a wide range of options for roof and all cladding. These insulated and wall cladding sheets are designed to provide higher thermal performance, structural integrity and damage resistance. These insulated and wall cladding sheets also greatly reduce on-site fitting costs compared to conventional cladding and provide safe working platforms. Since, heating or cooling is one of the largest operating expenses in a building. Hence it is important that each building has good thermal insulation that suits the usage of the building.

Structureless Roofing system and Solutions single or double skin insulated roof sheets and insulated wall cladding represent a major breakthrough in meeting the demand for a versatile system. The cost efficiency and ease of installation makes insulated sheets and roof cladding sheets a viable proposition for users, who require greater insulation values in terms of energy efficient roof and walls.


Single Skin insulated System

The single skin insulated system is the most economical roofing and wall cladding option for the construction industry. It comprises of roof cladding sheets and wall cladding sheets with metal building roof insulation used underneath the cladding as under-deck insulation. The metal building insulation is rolled over the purling or grits. After rolling an external cladding sheets are fixed to the secondary framing through insulation.


Double Skin insulated System

The double skin insulated system is specially designed to achieve an improved level of thermal efficiency in the building. It comprises of internal liner panels directly screwed to the secondary framing, sub-grits screwed through spacer blocks & liner sheet to the purling below, metal building roll-insulation with vapor barrier is laid over the sub-grits. Finally, the outer panel is screwed to the sub-grits through the insulation.

Structureless Roofing system and Solutions Insulated Roof sheets and panels will keep the building cool in summer and warm in winters. The combination of a high gloss roof reflects the heat and a low gloss ceiling finish underneath maintains the temperature.

Moreover, the weather tight patented clip ensures no leaks, while the insulation eliminates mildew and condensation. The double skin insulated panels from Alfa also provides significant advantage of acoustic absorption.

Insulated metal panels offer many advantages for building owners, designers and contractors. Some of these benefits include improved thermal performance, reduced building operational expenses, accelerated construction schedules, earlier business starts and much more. Insulated metal panels are ideal for many applications, including architectural, commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Structureless Roofing system and Solutions insulated metal panels often require fewer structural supports than single skin panels because of their enhanced spanning and load bearing capabilities. This provides an efficient and economical building envelope. Insulated metal panels offer many advantages over traditional building envelope materials, including lower initial costs, greater energy efficiency, lower weight, reduced installation time and more.

Structureless Roofing system and Solutions manufactures insulated metal panels with the most technologically advanced manufacturing. Structureless Roofing system and Solutions insulated metal panels are available in six different wall profiles and two roof profiles. Our insulated metal panel color and applied finish offerings allow for a multitude of design opportunities. Insulated metal panels allow for quick and easy installation. This results in reduced labor costs and earlier building occupancy and business starts.